Three Inner Kingdom Gifts

img three ineer kingsIn the Nativity story the Three Kings offered gifts to the new born king. Our own newly born inner Kingdom, is to become present in all three Centres of Intelligence.

Aligning our Thinking, Emotions and Sensations will bring us in contact with three different ways of being in the world. Each has it’s essential Wisdom, and relevance for us.
What we may become aware of is how they can often trade places, depending upon the situation we find ourselves in.

Noticing which is to the fore, and maybe expressing itself more than the other two is not necessarily a problem, but may become so if we continue to overdo it.

Paying attention to all there can help bring balance that requires embodying that which is Expressing, that which is withdrawing and that which can become the Reconciling point.

The Three Gifts we have are each Centre of Intelligence. Open to them with acceptance that sometimes we don’t always feel joyous, or merry, but can be present to whatever is arising by accepting the gift of embodied sensation, and the gift of quiet, open curiosity.

If we open to feelings and our sensation with kindness, and non-judgmental awareness, the greatest surprise this Christmas might be, to notice how they can pass, and often transform.

Wishing you all an Embodied Celebration....