The Nine Domains of Human Needs

The Nine Domains System Approach is also invaluable for personal and interpersonal growth (chart 3)

The chart below provides a check of basic Human needs, in order to thrive and survive

Eighth Domain

Growth &

Need for Self-Assertion, Independence of Decision-Making  & Decisive Action. Courage,  Self-Surrender, Majesty, Strength,  Self-Confidence, Action-Orientation, Protectiveness
Ninth Domain

Balance & Dynamic Stability

Need for Stability, Harmony & Effortless Flow.  Self-Possession, Serenity, Presence, Peacefulness, Naturalness, Optimism, Humility, Inclusivity
First Domain

Self Regulation & Organisation

Need for Principles, Order & Ethics.  Integrity, Honesty, Fairness, Impeccability, Wisdom, Impartiality, Discernment,  Congruence, Truthfulness, Purpose
Second Domain

Nurturance & Connection

Need for Connections with Others. Service, Self-Nurturance, Unselfishness, Empathy, Attunement to others, Concern, Appreciation, Encouragement
Third Domain

Adaptability &

Need for Self-Improvement & Advancement, Inner-Direction, Recognition. Admirability, Poise, Authenticity, Modesty, Focus, Self-Acceptance, Self-Assurance
Fourth Domain

Self Regeneration & Individuality

Need for Personal Meaning & Ability. Aesthetic Satisfaction.  Self-Expression, Introspection, Self-Awareness, Intuition, Sensitivity, Honesty with Self, Discretion, Emotional Strength
Fifth Domain  Intelligence & Contextual Awareness Need for Knowledge, In-Depth Exploration of Reality. Profundity, Curiosity, Pioneering, Objectivity, Insightfulness, Perceptiveness, Originality, Inventiveness
Sixth Domain

Internal Support &  Interdependence

Need for Belonging. Give & Receive Mutual Support. Groundedness, Interdependence, Fortitude, Reliability, Preparedness, Faithfulness, Devotion, Mutuality
Seventh Domain

Energy & Openness to Change

Need for Variety, Freedom for Experimentation, Change. Energy, Appreciation, Receptivity, Satisfaction, Joyfulness, Resilience, Enthusiasm, productiveness,

Nine Practices for Attaining Happiness  from
Don  Richard Riso
January 2012


Treat Others with
Kindness & Integrity

Love Yourself & Others Equally

Be Authentic & Truthful
in all Matters

Discover Beauty & Pleasure Everywhere

Learn from Everyone
& Everything

Trust Your Ability to Face Challenges & Contribute Willingly

Be Attached to Nothing & experience Real Freedom

Let Go of Wilfulness
& Empower Others

Value Yourself & Engage with the Tumult of the World