Feldenkrais Method®

Moshe Feldenkrais was one of the pioneers of somatic education and his work is based on many years of research including biomechanics, psychology and neurology. Neuroscience is now revealing evidence for the many principles that Feldenkrais proposed in the 70's.

Key and essential movements together with mindful attention, release and restore function to the body/mind system, beginning a rich adventure of learning.

If you have a sense of curiosity and want to discover more, come to a class and start the journey. 

You will find that

  • every class is different: variety is the spice of life.
  • you learn how to move with less aches and pains
  • moving in this way helps recovery from injury or ill health
  • your whole being will calm and retain more energy


Rolling – The Feldenkrais Method with Baby Liv

Crawling – The Feldenkrais Method with Baby Liv


Using Awareness Through Movement® lessons from Moshe Feldenkrais and Mindfulness based approaches.

Wear loose clothes, preferably layers so you can keep at a comfortable temperature and move with no restrictions. You will be asked to take off shoes so please have socks or “soft” shoes to put on.  We provide mats but you may wish to bring a towel/sheet to cover.

The Feldenkrais Method® offers a unique and practical way to move with greater ease and flexibility- either in Awareness Through Movement Classes held weekly or from Individual Functional Integration Sessions.

If you are interested in a one-to-one lesson, please call to discuss your needs. Home visits can be offered dependent on appropriate space.

Find out about individual Functional Integration Lessons®

Rosemarie &Grahame Morgan-Watson are accredited practitioners of the Feldenkrais Method® following four years of training with the International Feldenkrais Training Centre UK, and members of the UK Feldenkrais Guild.

Functional Integration – One to One Sessions

Grahame and Rosemarie offer individual Feldenkrais Sessions called "Functional Integration"
These lessons usually use a purpose designed Feldenkrais Method table for you to lie on and last around 50 minutes.

Gentle hands-on guided movements support new forms of movement for greater ease and comfort, and you may be given some ideas of how to continue your awareness in everyday life.

The Benefits of the Feldenkrais Method