The Enneagram Foundations Courses

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One Day Enneagram Courses; exploring the depth and breadth of Enneagram.

Wisdoms, Insights & Practices for enhancing Relationships, Self-Esteem & Inner Guidance.


A unique Enneagram Series of Workshops designed by Riso-Hudson Certified Teacher, Grahame Morgan-Watson


Each workshop is aimed at anyone wishing to learn and understand the Enneagram.

Why this Foundation course?

People can often feel uncertain about attending one of the Enneagram Institute Authorised Workshops for lack of background knowledge., or not knowing their type.

Whilst this is not a requirement, Grahame is responding to a desire for a course that provides the fundamental ideas and concepts or the Enneagram typology. It is also true to acknowledge that some people do not feel ready or willing to participate in the deeper inner work that our range of workshops and the Enneagram Institute Authorised Workshops offer.

Style and Structure

Whilst we feel strongly that effective personal work with the Enneagram requires s a deepening of ones own inner work with the Enneagram, we respect that some people will need to know the ideas and concepts before engaging the personal development side of the Enneagram. This course will be intensive in it’s learning, teaching and extensive in the ground it will cover in the one day – be it without some of the depth of our normal workshops.

Mission of this Course

This course will inform participants where to go next, should they so desire. It will help them to decide which workshop will fit with their individual needs and what is necessary in discovering ones own type and what to look for when helping others to find theirs. It will provide the Fundamental Elements to go to make up the dynamic nature of for understanding the Enneagram or Personality types, as taught by Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

If you have any questions about your ability to learn from any of our courses, or what the outcomes might be, please call Grahame on 01403 713108.This is a comprehensive and intensive one day course that will furnish participants new to the Enneagram, with all the key elements necessary to understanding the dynamics of the Riso-Hudson Insight Approach to the Enneagram. This will be a very instructive day designed for the curious, the studious, coaches and work-environment related consultants. All participants will be furnished with a very comprehensive workshop manual.

Key Elements that can be included in one day workshop

  • The Nine Basic Enneagram Types
  • The Levels of Development
  • The Four Triadic Groups
  • The Variations
  • Origins and Background
  • The Wings
  • The Directions of Stress and Integration
  • Organisational implementations
  • Workplace implications
  • Ways to find your type

The Format

The one day is a blend of instruction of key elements that are important to understanding the Enneagram system, discussion, and opportunities to digest what you are learning with other participants through inquiry and reflection. The number of participants will depend on the size and cost of the venue, but we can work with as little as 6 participants up to around 24.

The spectrum of insights and structures of the Enneagram dynamics will be addressed at a high level of learning, allowing participants to know which elements they may wish to deepen their understanding of and experience by attending our more focused  two and three day workshops.

Participants will learn what they need to be aware of when finding their own type, or helping others to find theirs.

You do not need to know your own dominant personality type. This workshop will aid your discovery and is an excellent foundational experience from which to begin your enquiries.

The price includes hand-outs relevant to the days learning.

Who would benefit from this course:

  • Anyone new to the Enneagram
  • Consultants and Coaches wishing to assess deeper involvement in the Enneagram
  • HR Professionals considering bringing the Enneagram into their arena of personal development
  • Students of human behaviour wishing to add the Enneagram knowledge to their portfolio
  • Experienced Enneagram students who have little knowledge or exposure to the Riso-Hudson model

Grahame Morgan-Watson is a Riso-Hudson certified Enneagram teacher (Hons) and an INLPTA certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.