Enneagram Discovery Days


One Day Workshops, that can be attended in any order.

Each workshop brings a new perspective on the benefits derived from using the Enneagram in your mindful practices for spiritual, personal or collegial development.

Participants will learn through a mixture of mindful enquiry methods, music meditations, group discussion, sensing practices and mindful movements as well inductive and deductive learning styles.

Usual Times; 10 am to 4:30 pm
with morning and afternoon tea/coffee breaks and a lunch break of 45 to 60 minutes. Hand-outs relevant to the workshop are included.

By attending all seven days (with more to follow) you will be furnished with with ample tools and insights to help you discover your own Dominant type, and help others who may be beginning to seek how to discover their type.


  • Divine Embodiment of Heart and Mind
  • Service, Self-Expression and Divine Integration
  • Power & Grace of Love, Hurt and Displeasure
  • Holy Thrusts of Sex, Humanity & Sanctuary
  • Sacred Paths of Destroyer, Antagonist & Mature Being
  • Intimacy of Dissonance, Resolution & Harmony
  • Alchemical Transformations

discoveryDay copy
Divine Embodiment of Heart and Mind

This workshop opens and connects us with our three Centres of Intelligence. We see how each of the nine domains represent a disconnect and distortion of from true nature. All nine personality aspects are within us, and accessible to us when we bring presence, balance and harmony to our mind, body and heart. To experience the real qualities of our being requires attention, kindness and compassion to our personal fears, disappointments and defences.

discoveryDay copyService, Self-Expression & Divine Integration

In this workshop, we explore the Hornevian Triad groups as three ways in which the nine types attempt to get there needs met. The Hornevians reveals the social styles of each domain and what takes us away from being fully present to other people in our lives. It is a very helpful insight for recovering missing aspects for Full Being Living.

discoveryDay copyPower & Grace of Love, Hurt & Displeasure

The Dominant Affect groups correlates the Enneagram personality dynamics with the psychology of Object Relations. Each of the nine types have a dominant affect that impacts on personal and intimate relationships.

Bringing these into conscious awareness with compassionate and a non-judgmental curiosity can helps to unravel some of the problems and issues we may continually encounter with colleagues and our significant others. We can begin to reconnect with a source for healing and transforming our experience.

discoveryDay copyHoly Thrusts of Sex, Humanity & Sanctuary

The Instinctual Variants are a further modification of the basic Enneagram personality style, that can be understood an utilised irrespective of the type. As part of a spiritual journey, they are aspects that get the least attention and yet, can undermine all our best intentions for living mindfully.

Participants will learn how to recognise instincts as part of every-day human living that has correlations to the animal part of our Soul. We will see how they impact in relationships and can be a source of sabotage in our inner / spiritual work, when ignored.

discoveryDay copySacred Paths of Destroyer, Antagonist & Mature Being

The Levels of Development is the corner stone of the Riso-Hudson Insight Approach. Along with the Directions of stress and Integration, this workshop reveals their importance in determining your dominant Enneagram type.

We see how coming to know our ‘centre of gravity’ within the Enneagram Levels of Development, can be a useful measure of our capacity to stay present and free from habitual reactivity.

discoveryDay copyIntimacy of Dissonance, Resolution & Harmony

The Harmonics reveal three main ways the nine types seek to resolve dissonance with others, that when addressed as a trilogy, can help avoid a full blown argument and bring greater harmony to our relationships.

You will discover the value each approach can offer as part of a triadic balance, vs the problems and stress that occurs from the maladaptive specialisation for each of the nine personality types.

discoveryDay copyAlchemical Transformations


The Nine Passions & Virtues have been the foundation of the traditional Enneagram teachings. There is an Alchemic process for transforming our consciousness from lead to gold. You will be exploring the two dynamics for each of the nine types to help you understand the significance of using the Enneagram in your personal growth and transformation.


All the workshops include some elements of personal enquiry, Self Observation, Mindful Movements and Music to help participants understand the qualities of the different aspects being discussed. Each participant is invited to enquire or share only what they feel safe to explore, and all participants will be expected to hold the space with a high degree of ethical, compassionate and non-judgmental observation. That is certainly our aim and observation as facilitators for these workshops, and the feedback we receive certainly confirms that Rosemarie and Grahame are adhering to these principles.



We are often mystified by the behaviours or attitudes of other people. We may even surprise ourselves, when we do or say something that we consider to be out of character. The desire to understand ourselves and others can arise from such occasions. The personal benefit can be to avoid conflicts and habitual reactions that we later regret or cause stress. The Enneagram is a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern understanding of human behaviour, from psychology, sociology and behavioural sciences. The Enneagram Discovery Days are designed to help you know how to find your dominant Enneagram type. In each workshop you will explore the different components of the Enneagram and how they impact your life and personal relationships. These workshops can be attended in any order. Whilst each of the nine aspects will be covered in each workshop, different aspects will be explored, building a richer depth of understanding.