The Enneagram

The Enneagram offers Greater Opportunities for Growth, Change and Transformation

The Enneagram is a system of nine basic psychological structures which, when understood through the "Level of Development" as realised through many years of objective and intuitive observation by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson - reveals the trap of limiting ourselves to a set of ideals, stories and fears.We learn and utilise the Enneagram to free ourselves from the constrictions of attachments and identifications with structures, no longer useful to us in adult life. The richness of true being and self awareness can help support and maintain a true and real peace of mind, enhance our relationships, and transform our sense of self worth and inner knowing.

When used in organisations and teams, our approach is to see them as Aspects of Functioning that are necessary for Mature Interactions, and Highly Effective Performance.

Each of the Nine Aspects of Functioning can be identified as working well, operating only within limited parameters or as a Disruptive - Defensive manifestation.

When an Ennea-Function is totally lacking within the team or individual, there is a tendency for the dysfunctional version of the aspect  to undermine the effectiveness and performance of the team or individual,

In house learning and coaching approaches rely on an initial conversation with team leaders to identify what kind of issues are being experienced. Such exploration will help us to design a bespoke facilitation / change programme that can maintain the working and healthy functions whilst pinpointing those that are missing or dysfunctional.

We offer a wide range of open Enneagram workshops, courses and private consultations.

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Strength, Aliveness, Immediacy
Wholeness, Unity, Being
Goodness, Sacredness, Purity
Love, Sweetness, Grace
Value, Glory, Inspiring
Identity, Depth, Introspection
Illumination, Clarity, Objectivity
Awakeness, Guidance, Steadfastness
Joy, Freedom, Energetic