Taking a Break

Summer is traditionally the time we allow ourselves a break.
Holidays come and go.  As wonderful as they can be, once we return to our usual lives, we get back into our old routines and soon lose that refreshed, relaxed feeling.



So how can we bring a freshness to our everyday lives?   What about Mindfulness?

  • Mindfulness is entering the common understanding as a proven tool in personal well-being.
  • It is true that there is a lot of hype attached to this word and there are numerous definitions of what mindfulness is which muddies the waters
  • Simply we can see mindfulness as introducing us to the fact that there is awareness...and then there is thinking...and how much time we spend in our heads and not in the world of awareness.

But if you are looking for a change, a way of finding more choices ….

why not open the door to mindfulness as an approach to  discover a different way of living our lives, more fulfilling,  more present and able to respond to the many shifts we have to manage, creating an inner space.

The Autumn Mindfulness courses start with orientation sessions in September when you attend and learn more about what is involved and then start an 8 week course the following week.

Another option is to join the Foundation Practices event on Saturday 7 September in the morning.
Please contact me to find out more and  give yourself another break.

Rosemarie Morgan-Watson rosemarie@metame.co.uk