Starting your Group

#3 in our series on starting an Enneagram Practice Group

Two or more people can be the start of your group. With this in mind, the enquiry ideas and structures for a practice, can be a great model for deepening your relationships with intimate and personal friends. 

You can choose if you want to meet once a week, once a month or ad-hoc. However, most of these kind of initiatives, require at least one person to drive the event, especially in its early days. However, I would invite that person to set up the group in such a way that each member can feel they contribute to the ideas and agenda. This might be by rotating the venue, and later on , the facilitation.

Ways of finding people in your area may be possible through Facebook or other social media. As part of this blog and venture,  I have set up a dedicated Face Book Group as part of my personal Facebook page the “Enneagram Practice Group Forum” where people can seek interested parties to come together and form a group and talk about what works and what can be improved.

In the traditions of Inner Works Schools, it is not uncommon for a school to end at some point. Some things run their natural course, and then something else arises in it’s place. Be open to your group forming, normalising, and then possibly dissolving after a period of time. If this occurs for you—see what arises following from that. It is not a sign of failure, or that anyone has done something wrong—only that, there is a time for something, and a time for nothing.

Personal Enquiry
Take a moment before you continue to ponder how the idea of starting something that may well end, sit with you? Does it bring up some feelings that impede or encourage you to continue?

Suggested Time
Only you will know what times you have for this event, but I am going to suggest and work from the idea that the timing for an evening group session, that could also be a meaningful morning or afternoon session, would be around two hours.  This could include a 15 minute break, or not.

In this time frame, there will be significant segments that can support real insight.  The suggested time frames  and modules can be tailored to suite your groups wishes.