Settling Segment: Coming together ceremony 2—5 minutes

#5 in our series on starting an Enneagram Group

There is something intimate and deeply meaningful we can all bring to this kind of exploration when we honour what we are embarking on. 

The frame for this is to honour our personal commitment to seeking truth, with a compassionate caring softness of being.
This is time to set such a frame. Once all the welcoming, ablutions teas and coffees have taken place, the formalisation of the practice session can be marked by the lighting of a candle.

If this is the first time people have come together, take a moment each to introduce yourself to the group—even if you know each other already, this can be an opportunity to express something that you may not have shared in the light of inner exploration.

Maybe something around what draws you to this practice idea?
What does it personally mean for each person?
What you hope to gain for the session?



We suggest you do this every time anyone new joins the group. This helps the new member feel part of is effectively, a new group. When we honour the group as a field of consciousness that is co-created by each persons individual consciousness, every member present or absent from the group, changes the field in some way.


In a group that is coming together again, the lighting of the candle

reignites the fields consciousness.