Received Wisdom and the Rules..

Life is full of rules and in given contexts they are essential. However when it comes to human beings nothing fits everyone, all of the time.

Each individual has their own history, their own unique experiences and understandings of their life and of their own physical and mental make-up.

Rules for me are guidelines in many circumstances: they are the automatic response but often need modifying. The more we are able to discriminate quickly and efficiently, and have the ability to adapt, the more successful we are at navigating life’s surprises. And so it is with our physical being. Rather than sticking to rigid ideas of the ways we should stand, sit , walk, breathe, our strength lies in staying awake to the whole range of possibilities.

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes provide an interesting environment where you are not told to “do it like this”, “watch me and copy,” which equates to “do it my way”. Feldenkrais promotes learning and self-discovery with guided lessons, where there are suggested movements and alternatives for each person to explore…always working within the limits, avoiding strain and discovering that if we are kind to ourselves and maintain awareness, those boundaries alter as our mind and body integrate the information. We can observe ourselves, sense our movements: movements that are taken apart and put back together again.

This playful attitude illuminates the varying relationships and at the same time allows a release and an abiding in ourselves. Those changes can seem miraculous. Indeed we are truly miraculous…regardless of our abilities, and when we honour and recognise the inherent magnificence of who we are, we can listen to others but also listen to our own wisdom, and act.