General Discussion an Closing: Overview of the whole event -15 minutes

#12 in our series on starting an Enneagram Group

Whilst debrief can easily become a discussion, we suggest a demarcation is maintained by setting aside the discussion for after or during a tea and coffee intermission. That way, the shift of coming back to a conversational interaction will be more gentle and natural.

NOTE: This segment is very important. It is, as we come to the end of events where we experience ourselves more open, more aware, and with less defensiveness, that our personality begins to reconstitute, and try to assert itself. Be very mindful, and non-judgemental around this time. Notice how your attention gets drawn to “what’s next?” You can derive some invaluable insight to your ego-agenda at such times.

In this session, people can discuss the whole event as experiences, what has been learnt, what feels personally meaningful, relevant, uncomfortable or whatever.

It is an opportunity to “practice” The Enneagram learning in a more normal conversational setting, but still with the safety of people who wish to work on themselves.

Closing Segment: Ending ceremony- honouring the Work -2 minutes

Ending the session with dignity and mindfulness is as important as beginning it.
So take a moment for each to quietly reflect on what has taken place—if a prayer is appropriate, or a short poem, then bring this into the space.
A ringing of a meditation bowl, can follow extinguishing the candle.

An invitation to honour each other with a bow and expression of gratitude, closes the session.

Now agree when and where you are going to meet again.