Out of touch

I cannot remember what I was reading when this phrase ” out of touch”  stuck in my mind….but it has returned to me over the last few weeks.  Why I wondered?  These words are familiar, frequently used in the media especially about politicians, and I started to think of all the possible meanings these words could have.

Then, suddenly, it all took on a new significance for me personally. I recently applied for a job and had to send in my CV and then complete an on-line assessment, and it dawned on me how out of touch I am with this current method of attaining employment. How isolated I felt from the whole process.  How “processed” .  It also touched all those old wounds and experiences I had as a youngster  and I realised I still harbour fears and insecurities that I thought had long gone.

So I am now wondering what I need to do to stay ” in touch ” and make use of this revelation.This blog is one way…You may have noticed I have not rushed to get into social media but there is no getting away from it, if I want to get to know you….. or rather for you to get to know me …this is an opportunity! Who knows…you may even offer me a job without having to do one of those on-line assessments!