New Workshop: Nine Domains in Relationships

Enhancing Relationships

with the Nine Domains Approach to the Enneagram; a new one day  workshop .

This workshop will introduce dimensions and mindful practices from the Enneagram of personality and the Nine Domains Approachsm that can bring greater understanding and harmony to your relationships—be they intimate, collegial or socialThe Nine Domains Approachsmis a fresh way to work with groups as the specific, living, changing organisms that they actually are—not as “generic” entities. It is an approach that recognizes nine fundamental elements that must be present and in balance for a system to survive and thrive.By bringing all Nine Domains in to some kind of balance, our relational life can be richer, more meaningful and mutually supportive. Participants will leave with practical ways to begin to working with the 9D concepts in their personal and professional life.This workshop forms part of a series of one day workshops that will cover various aspect of the Nine Domains approach as a useful adjunct to working with the Enneagram or other team and interpersonal insights.Download pdf brochure here