Deepening into your Enquiry: the monologue

#10 in our series on starting an Enneagram Group.

In a normal conversation, and even when talking without interruption, we tend to deliver our message or story, without paying attention to what we are feeling about the story.

Even less so, to what we are sensing in our bodies. This is the disconnected mode of normal communication—we forget to keep some attention in our own being.

With the Monologue, we are invited to deepen our enquiry, to include all three Centres of Intelligence:

The Belly Centre, the Heart and the Thinking.

This is the resource of the Centring practice that we bring into our enquiry.

Before you begin to speak about the subject presented for enquiry,

  • Sense into to your body and notice what you are sensing…….
  • What sensations are you experience as you bring the subject to mind?
  • What, if any, are the nature and location of any tensions, discomforts?
  • What is the emotional quality of your inner world?

Notice we are inviting discernment between Feelings; as in emotional quality, vs. Sensation, as in what you directly experience of your physical being.

As you begin to enquiry into the subject, notice and express also what is going on for you with regards the enquiry.

..something along the lines of… 

“as I begin to look at this subject,

I am aware of my breathing and some sensations ,

maybe tensions around my back (or wherever) and it reminds me of……”

Throughout your enquiry, bring a soft, compassionate kindness to yourself.

Most importantly, a non-judgmental quality of pure objective investigation.

If you notice some sort of inner-critic, breath and disengage as much as you can from the critic.

You can by all means include this in your expression—along the lines of

“..and as I say this, I notice a judgment on myself, and it feels like a young me being told off…”

or whatever is true fat that time.

In the Work, we call this inner-critic, the Super –Ego, and it can be one of the most pernicious obstacles to real growth and liberation.

We will be including some work on the Super-Ego as part of the Enneagram Ideas practise, but be patient, and be gentle.

It takes a great deal of inner work to become truly free from the depilating affects of the super-ego.
So when you get an attack, breath and come back to your sensations of the belly and the breath.

You can always tell the difference between real inner Wisdom and a super-Ego attack—the latter will make you feel diminished—the super ego tends to have a long history and can make us feel like a child again. Real inner Wisdom has a lighter, more liberating  and enlightening  Quality.