The Riso-Hudson Levels Of Development

The Riso-Hudson Insight Approach­ provides  a vertical dimension revealing the degree to which we are identified with our compulsive desires.  The Levels of Development helps us to understand how we can be more open, balanced and stable.

Each of the Nine Types have attitudes and behaviours that can be tracked through nine levels, indicative of being more identified with our ego agenda or less so.

Centre of Gravity

Over the course of a day we will oscillate around a Centre of Gravity within the vertical dimension of our Enneagram type.  Our experiences of being stressed out are generally alleviated after a time of relaxation or diversion - allowing our sense of self to return to its normal level.  In other words, there will  be a certain self-image that we hold to be more or less true. If not seen by others, our attempts to validate this self-image through attitudes and behaviours is the Reactivity that lead us down the levels.

There is a link to a Sufi understanding of inner-work, that refers to The Journey to Presence, The Journey with Presence and The Journey as Presence. Before any real work can begin, there is also a need to be Stabilising the Ego Structures. (fig 8)

What is Developing as a Level shift, is our ‘Conscious Capacity to Be With, whatever is arising, internally and externally, without reactivity.

In the words of Don Richard Riso: “There is Nothing to Promote, Nothing to Defend and Nothing to Fear”

The Journey of Presence

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