The Harmonics Group

The Harmonics Groups indicate how a person within a triadic group copes when they do not get what they want – revealing how our personality defends against loss and disappointment.

The Positive Outlook Group 9, 7,

There is need and tendency to view any potential conflict as resolvable. The position here is that everything will be fine, and sort itself out in time. Whilst this has the potential for affirming a relationship, without any active engagement in resolving the underlying issues that created the conflict, on it's own, the positive outlook remains a tenuous way of assuring the resolution and stability of a relationship.

The Competency Group 3 ,1, 5

The need here, is to put aside any emotional engagement, or beliefs, and behave in a more "business like"attitude to conflict resolution. There is reliance on some kind of rules, procedures or schedules to resolve the issues. If there is not a rule than one might be created, or a rule can be broken. Either way, being a competent adult is more important than expressing love, dedication, or commitment to the relationship.

The Emotional Intensity Group 6, 4, 8

Expressing and sharing how one feels about the potential conflict is primary. Without this being expressed, and mirrored by all parties, there is no space to have a rational discussion or hear expressions of commitment for the future.

Triadic Conflict Resolution

All three approaches, when given equal weight, will help open the space to a more complete and balanced  discussion. On their own, they are not the answer, but when expressed together, they allow for exploration in a space of kindness, compassion and respect, that has a better chance of finding a resolve.

The Harmonics grouping can be a major source of misidentification of a persona basic type:
Nines can misidentify themselves as Twos or Sevens: Threes as Ones or Fives. Sixes almost notorious for misidentifying themselves as Fours or Eights.

Reference: Page 64, The Wisdom of The Enneagram by Riso-Hudson

The Harmonics insights can be a valuable mindful approach to avoiding and/or resolving relational conflicts. This as a an aspect that is covered in one of our Relationships workshops.