Dominant Affect Groups

The Dominant Affect groups reveals the  unconscious emotional background  we bring to all areas of our lives. They are important for Transformational work.

There are three triadic Dominant Affect groupings of the nine Enneagram  types

They indicate some of the obstacles and dynamics of being in a loving relationship, without projecting past maternal and paternal issues on to our partners.

Attachment Group: Types 3,6 &9  

Frustration Group: Types 1, 7 & 4

Rejection Group: Types 8,2 & 5

This concept derives from a field of psychology called object relations theory.
All types have all three Object relations, and what is being presented here is one of the ways the ego-personality becomes identified with one preferred style of Self.

The aspects and insights of the Dominant Apsect groups, developed by Riso-Hudson, are explored in one of the Enneagram Institute Authorised Workshops: The Enneagram Relationships Workshop, is a two day workshop that Grahame Morgan-Watson is authorised to offer in the UK.

Reference: Page 315, Understanding the Enneagram, Riso-Hudson