Mistakes, the Inner Critic and a Wise Resolution

Why do we make mistakes?

Or to be more specific, how come I made a couple of whopping mistakes in the editorial of MetaMe’s recent email newsletter?

Over the years, I have sent emails out with poor spelling, incorrect dates, and as in this case, the wrong amount of discount that can be attained, along with the incorrect date before which, it can be taken.

Reflecting on the scenarios, I can see that in part,, as I work on my own, I tend not to have someone else proof read what I have written. But even that is not completely true, as Rosemarie is at hand.

So what has to be true for me to not include her in the process?

Haste and Congruence

Haste arises from a need to meet a deadline, or from having ‘too much’ on ones plate. It can also be as a result of disinterest in the task.

For me, it can be combination of all three. The process of getting an email out involves tasks that are less than fun, what with abstracting the emails, creating the template and making sure all the information is correct.

If the software has a bug, things happen like the British Pound signs disappear and get replaced with a question mark in a diamond. Or the programme sends a different version of a saved template. It often crashes when a new image is inserted.

At the core I am also wondering if there is a lack of belief on my part, that anyone will actually take any notice. Am I being congruent with my own being, my heart and gut, as  a Full Being– in continuing with such a process, that as a recipient of the same kind of emails, I am un-enthused about?

How do I know if the emails are not just junked? What if the people I am sending emails too, just don’t want to know what new events we have in the diary? Maybe everyone i sjust getting so much email, and being conscious of that my heart is not fully engaged in the process!

My own lack of belief of the email genre in today’s world of spam marketing, offers and sales marketing, is probably as much to blame as any other excuse I can come up with. Maybe also, I am just lazy, can’t be bothered to spend the time checking out that I have everything ‘tickety-boo’?

The Curse of the Inner Critic

I am aware that there are some people whose make-up, and psychological structure, just would not allow such a mistake to happen.  They would suffer much more the “Inner Critics” depilating attacks, than I certainly experienced during the course of today. It is so easy to get caught in the trap of blame and beating oneself up.

Fortunately, the work both Rosemarie and I are involved and teach as rat of our Feldenkrais and Enneagram disciplines, informs me of the waste of energy and disempowering affect the inner critic can have. The Inner Critic (or to give it the name we use in The Work- the Super Ego) is generally not to be taken seriously, especially when it dis-empowers us, and makes us feel small and stupid. It is responsible for destroying our creativity and diminishing our sense of well being. It keeps us trapped in self-denial.

When we can get beyond the self-hatred, hurt, wounding and self-pity that usually results from a Super Ego attack; we are more able to get in touch with the real Wisdom that it tries to emulate.

Real Wisdom

It is from this Wisdom that I have taken an executive decision with regards to future outpourings from MetaMe.

From now on, we will only send a brief web-link to an online CyberGram, that will give the recipient the choice of clicking through to read it or not. That way, any mistakes in the text can be altered without having to resend a further amendment (that usually adds to the recipient’s sense of email overload and irritation )

In addition, we will be asking people to become active recipients of our updates. People will have the choice of receiving these new link-to emails monthly or twice yearly, or not at all.

This will require an email, so will not happen until the New Year, so as to avoid further email-overload.

I have to add, that it is relevant to be reviewing the affect of the Super Ego-Inner Critic, as this is the subject matter of our next workshop in Ireland, presented by Russ Hudson.

So if you are now more curious as to how to work with this particular “Psychic Structure” click through the workshop details here.

Thanks for reading

Grahame Morgan-Watson