MetaMe Briefing – Winter 2015 | Learning

Begin Where You Are

When we consider learning something new, we often find ourselves needing to learn where to start.

If we were to review the variety of learnings we have already experienced, we may discover that the most effective place to start from, is to recognise simply where we are already in our learning.

In other words, you have already begun your learning, because you know something of the subject – even if it is just, that the subject exists – and it is now just a question of where to go next.

Learning is best served from your own initiation, that is, your desire to learn comes from within you. You continue to learn from the moment you ask, “what now?”…….

We receive many enquiries from people seeking to learn more about the Enneagram and the Feldenkrais Method®.

Given nearly all our Enneagram workshops and our Feldenkaris classes (Awareness Through Movement & Mindfulness in Motion Workshops) are open to beginners and seasoned students alike, it can be more relevent to assess the timing, the commitment involved as well as the costs and convenience of a given workshop.

Given any date can be the wrong date for someone, or the venue difficult to get to, Metame is meeting that challenge by offering more One day and Half day workshops that can be both a starting point and building blocks.

Not just for Beginners
Learning the Enneagram; Discovery Days

Sunday 10th May 10am – 4:30pm
Enneagram Discovery; Divine Embodiment of Heart and Mind
Venue: Hamblin Hall Main Road Bosham PO18 8PJ

Sunday 31st May 10am – 4:30pm
Enneagram Discovery; Intimacy of Dissonance, Resolution and Harmony
Venue: Cowdray Hall, Midhurst, Sussex GU29 0AW

Each of Seven one day events approach the Enneagram learning from different perspectives. It is as if you were to discover London for the very first time. By car you could enter from any of the M25 exits, by Air or Train, by a variety of Airlines, Airports, or Rail Stations. Each starting point is valid, building on the knowledge and experience each time you re-enter the City.

With the Enneagram Discovery days, you will always begin from here you are, and learning from your own experience the relevance of the particular perspective the day offers. There is no right order, no first stage, just attend and learn.

Presented by Grahame Morgan-Watson
Cost to Attend £70 Early Bird Book Now £50. Book Online
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Are you sitting comfortably?
Chair Play: Dynamics in Sitting

14th February 2015 10.30am- 1pm Hamblin Hall Main Road Bosham PO18 8PJ

It is inherent within the Feldenkrais Method® that we begin where we are. The assumption that because we can do something already, is not a barrier to learning how to do it more effectively. Movement can be a continual process of learning, but we often get stuck in habitual patterns that inhibit optimisation to the environment and impact on our well being.

Given that we sit a lot of the time, discovering more comfortable ways might be a learning worthy of attention.

Through movement with attention, using the approaches of Feldenkrais and Mindfulness, we gain the ability to assist our brains in seeking the optimal organisation for movements in life.

Sitting is harder on the spine than standing or walking.

In this workshop, we will explore stress-free posture, with an ability to change position and come to stand with ease and comfort.
Presented by Rosemarie
Cost to Attend: £15  To Book Call Rosemarie 01403 713 108

Unique UK Colaboration
Learning to Grow Together

I am delighted to be sharing the Chair for a one day workshop with two delightful ladies of great knowledge and understanding from the Enneagram Narrative Tradition.

Inspired by a major shift in Enneagram teaching around the world, the EnneaFusion Workshop Series is about blending and extending Enneagram opportunities here in the UK and Ireland.
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EnneaFusion Workshops – Growth Paths

Sunday, 8th March 2015, Old Alresford Place, nr Winchester, S024 9DH, Hampshire map
£85 Full Price, £ 70 Early Bird
9:30 am to 5:30 pm
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In contrast to the Discovery series, this Enneagram workshop is for the more seasoned Enneagram practitioner.

In a recent ground breaking development, influential leaders of the Enneagram in Personality movement signalled a new start. Founders of the Riso-Hudson and Narrative Tradition Schools came together, sharing conference platforms and workshops.
EnneaFusion Workshops take their lead.

On the first occasion with ‘Growth Pathways’ we’re offering what is – to the best of our knowledge – the UK’s first workshop specifically designed to help us discover and appreciate the best of what both schools have to offer.

A fusion of learning from the Riso-Hudson and Narrative Tradition Enneagram Schools. We’re sure there will be more to follow on this theme. In this unique workshop you will explore and compare the Riso-Hudson and Palmer-Daniels Growth Paths, including the ‘Levels of Development’ and Narrative Tradition approach.

“What now? Where do I go from here? How do I begin to experience more freedom within the territory of my personality structure?”

Whatever sparked our original interest, these are questions we return to time and again as seasoned students of the Enneagram. Both the Narrative Tradition and Riso-Hudson Enneagram schools engage with the challenge and offer a Growth Model, ways to become less identified with personality, passion/fixation and to enjoy a richer and more fulfilling life.

Jointly facilitated: by Grahame Morgan-Watson, a leading UK player in the Riso-Hudson School with Heather Brown and Helen English from within the Narrative Tradition.

To Book contact Helen English

Dublin Calling
Enneagram in Dublin with Russ Hudson

Bookings for the Psychic Structures workshop in Dublin on the 17-19 April have been prolific.

We still have plenty of non-residential places available, but only 5 residential places left, all twin sharing. Book Online Here

Although the Early Bird price has ended, you can save £15 on the full price by using the promotion sent in our eBrief .

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