Lesson Segment: Subject for further exploration -15-20 minutes

#7 in our series on starting an Enneagram Group

This is the piece of a teaching, that will form the basis of your further enquiry.

This could be a video download of a particular teacher of the Enneagram you are interested in, an Audio description of Enneagram types.

Suggestion a) Listen to parts of the Enneagram Institutes CD collection The Power of the Enneagram tapes or CD’s; where the late  Don Richard Riso describes each type in detail. You may not need to listen to all the tape in one go, just enough to begin an enquiry. I suggest I suggest you keep this to no more than 20 minutes, which might mean finding some kind of natural break in an Audio recording or Video teaching, that has described something meaningful, that can be the basis for enquiry.

Suggestion b) Read a passage from one of the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Books. The Wisdom of The Enneagram is an exceedingly rich resource. Furthermore, it includes some enquiry questions you could begin utilising straight away.

As an example, Chapter 4 (page 36) Is entitled “Cultivating Awareness”; it discuss  the important concepts of “Catching ourselves in the act”, Waking Up” and “What is Awareness”.
Each of these sections is a rich resources for further exploration.

The Enquiry idea is around Conscious Looking; which invites you to; “..take a moment to look around the room that you are in right now. What have you noticed about it before? Are there aspects of it that you have never seen? really look…” Don and Russ goes on to ask you if you then notice anything different between your current sense of yourself and your usual experience.

Once you have all done this as a group – this can feed nicely into an monologue style enquiry (which I will be posting the method shortly)

Remember; Less is More! Just one piece of teaching can be a rich source of enquiry. We will make further suggestions from the books, or from online, as well as making available, free YouTube Enneagram teaching clips you can download to be part of your Enneagram practice groups work.