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Welcome to the metame experience. The blog pages for Grahame and Rosemarie Morgan-Watson; proprietors of MetaMe.

Our thoughts and insights come from many years in business, and personal well being, as well as the variety of disciplines and accreditations we have accumulated over the last 30+ years.

Grahame will share some of his enthusiasm and expertise in the Enneagram; both in personality typology and from the symbol dynamics perspectives. He will also share his musical interests and artistic creations.
Rosemarie will bring her splendid flair for vocal dynamics, embodied being, and mindfulness in motion,  as well as her passion for music and drama.

We will also update you of our workshops and classes in Feldenkrais, Enneagram, LAB Profile, and Mindfulness.

Rosemarie and Grahame Morgan-Watson




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