We have to have habits: they play an important role in our development and our ability to function in our day-to-day activities.

However, a second look at our automatic selves can be illuminating. And until we take stock of our habits, and see those “forgotten” parts of self, real change can be difficult. We can stay in our comfort zone, following the same track, missing out on possible advantages and benefits.

In Awareness Through Movement (ATM) and Functional Integration (FI), we are lighting up those well-known pathways, which have dissolved into our consciousness, and asking the questions that can open up new avenues. These can be a re-discovery or completely new ways of approach.
So which habits serve us and which are no longer needed, surplus to requirement ? Do we have to know the answer to the questions asked?

I would say no….in fact, if we can keep the questions running and be content with not having the answers, we may be less likely to get stuck, both in mind and body. Flexibility and adaptability can be a habit to feel comfortable with!