Getting it right

What stops me from doing tasks or from completing them?

That's the question I keep asking myself.

The answer does vary but so often it is this need for me to get it right. And it is a message I have heard from many others on various courses. Logically I know that we have to fail sometimes, that we learn from failure more than from success and yet this nagging doubt hangs around.

I leave whatever I am doing because I need to review it, amend it, and that strategy has paid off time and again. But I do not have to apply this to everything I do.So here I am, putting my thoughts down with the intention of writing and publishing with no critique, no delay. You see I ask this of my clients/students all the time. Be open, maybe it is right, maybe it is wrong. Stay open to your experience and see what happens. Of course this relates to the Feldenkrais and Mindfulness work. I am not talking about instances when there are external requirements.

I accept that there are environments where this would be risky. But on a personal exploration, it is interesting to find out whose "right" I am adhering to and whether it is indeed right for me now.

I can remember several examples of people in authority telling me the right action to take which turned out not to bring about the results I had hoped for. And in wanting to get it right, I have wasted hours of my time on tasks which did not warrant such attention.With nothing left for me to say, and to carry out my intention, I pose the question.....what have I learnt from doing this and when it is possible, how can I let it be exactly as it is?