Smart Body Moves : using approaches of Feldenkrais and Mindfulness

The Street,  Boxgrove   Nr Chichester   PO18 0EE

learning how to move with more ease, less effort and more flexibility in everyday activities, using skeletal support and not muscles, engaging the mind with attention and awareness

From 10.00 until 11.00

At Boxgrove Village Hall

The Street, Boxgrove Nr Chichester PO18 0EE

Single class £10.00 Book 4 £37.00

Rosemarie Morgan-Watson / 01403 713108 / 07399 620833

These lessons are based on the floor where patterns of movement are guided, slowly and gently, bringing attention to how we move, with a playful, kindly interest that engages the brain.

Each week is a different lesson as the mind thrives with variety and a healthy curiosity, but there is a theme running through them.

This challenges our usual notion that we require "hard work" to make changes but research demonstrates the validity of this mind/body work for affecting the neural networks and creating new connections and possibilities.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing, socks and preferably layers to account for temperature. Mats are provided so simply bring a fleece, rug, towel, or sheet to cover it. ¨ Themes : ¨ Freeing movements for reaching, turning and bending. ¨ Reducing tension in neck and shoulders ¨ Healthy backs