Tuesday Orientation for an 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

Littleworth Lane   Partridge Green  RH13 8JX

This introductory session will acquaint you with the mindfulness practices and way of working to expect in an 8 week course.

From 6.00pm until 7.30pm

At The Garden Room, South Lodge

Littleworth Lane Partridge Green RH13 8JX

£10 or if you join up for the 8 week course, it is included in the fee for whole course £190.00

Rosemarie Morgan-Watson / rosemarie@metame.co.uk : 01403 713108 : 07399 620833

This class allows you to visit the venue and meet the teacher of the course, and is an invitation to find out what is involved in signing up for an 8 week course.

There are short practices and exercises as well as a short explanation of the art and science behind these practical skills, to learn how to reduce our stress and build a new relationship with difficulties in our lives.

These Mindfulness Based practices are evidence-based and have been accepted into the national health service and the education system. 

They provide a way of positively affecting our everyday lives. 

There will be an opportunity to consider whether this is the right timing to commit to a course and no pressure to sign up.  We all have to make the choices that our right for us, at a given time. 

And not everyone does find this way of working helpful, so it is always best to explore first and weigh up whether to take the step of joining us in a course which will run  through May to the beginning of July 2020.