Moving on ZOOM to take care of Yourself


learning how to gently explore our movements, releasing tensions, with optimal support and co-ordination.

From 10.00am until 11.00am

At from you own home on zoom: weekly links provided

£9.00 per class or £8.00 per class when booking 3 or more Payment by BACS preferred

Rosemarie Morgan-Watson / : 01403 713108 : 07399 620833

These Feldenkrais Lessons have proven perfectly suited to working on-line, provided you can organise a quiet environment with space to move and the use of a lap top or computer camera placed for me to see you in a lying or sitting position.

The lessons are guided through verbal instructions so there is no need to be able to see the screen and a recording is made and sent to you each week.

You will need a rug or blanket on the floor and the use of folded towels or something similar as a support for your head ( if you need it) and sometimes a rolled towel to put under the knees.  Anything that allows you to be comfortable. Towels or soft cover books are more appropriate than cushions so the alignment of the spine is maintained.

These mindful movement practices start with a body scan, a time to come fully to rest and become aware of how we are ...mind and body.

This time settles us to switch from our usual modes of action and brings our attention to our own experience.  This awareness then informs us throughout the lesson, as we explore a variety of movement patterns which usually increase in complexity.  Learning our own habits and preferences, we can make different choices to discover less effortful and more connected ways to move.

There is no model behaviour in a Feldenkrais class and many questions are raised in order to focus attention and determine what works best for us.  This curiosity moves us out of trying hard to do it right and into new possibilities.  Everyone moves within their own comfort zone which is especially important in this virtual world.