Feldenkrais : Awareness Through Movement

Littleworth Lane,  Partridge Green,  RH13 8JX

Bringing a playful curiosity to movements which promote freedom, life long flexibility and vitality

From 9.45 until 10.45

At The Garden Room, South Lodge

Littleworth Lane, Partridge Green, RH13 8JX

Individual class £10.00 Book four classes for £34.00

Rosemarie Morgan-Watson / rosemarie@metame.co.uk 01403 713 108


Each week, different lessons make different connections for us to explore how we move in parts and as a whole.

Movements are guided verbally, building patterns to help us move through our daily lives with less tension and effort.

These lessons will encourage awareness of our spine, slowly discovering how we hold ourselves and where we have lost touch. With this awareness, our backs become alive and responsive, reducing those tight muscles and finding the skeletal support.

Our limbs can be lighter with this support as we connect and make use of the bigger muscles to do a bigger share of the work, leaving smaller muscles to do the finer movements.

We bring a healthy curiosity to how we move and discover variations, always working within our comfort zone.

There is no need to push and strain.  These are smart body moves where we are engaging the brain which is where changes are made:  this work challenges our minds and bodies in a mindful manner.

We are learning the principles of well-organized movement to gain lifelong flexibility, comfort, ease and more creativity......throwing out the traditional model of aging, these movement lessons are suitable for senior citizens.