Foundations for Mindfulness

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Littleworth Lane,  Partridge Green,  RH13 8JX

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Time to experience meditation and the role of mindfulness in living more in the moment, and feeling more at ease.

From 6.00 until 7.30pm

At The Garden Room, South Lodge

Littleworth Lane, Partridge Green, RH13 8JX


Rosemarie Morgan-Watson / 01403 713108 to speak to Rosemarie

The practice of Mindfulness is now being shown through neuroscience to have significant benefits for our physical and mental health.  The wiring of the brain is stimulated and strengthened by a training of attention. 

Mindfulness is a process of learning which allows us to gain insights into our patterns and experiences, opening up our awareness to then replace those patterns that no longer serve us, with new and healthier ones.

It is effective in reducing stress and anxiety, helps with chronic pain, insomnia and high blood pressure, and increases immune function, resilience and our sense of well-being.

As Dr Rick Hanson once explained deepens the keel in the water, the winds of life still blow but we can weather the storms and recover more quickly.

But what does it really involve?  There has been an explosion in media coverage of mindfulness, some upholding the benefits and others criticising and  undermining its value.  How much is accurate and how does it relate to you? It is not a panacea for all but until you have a direct experience it is not easy to make that decision for yourself.

Maybe you have been doing the work on your own and coming up with some issues, and wondering whether to continue or not.

If you are drawn to mindfulness, why not join fellow travellers, sharing experiences and discovering more?

The support of a group helps us to gain insights and is more fun than sorting things out on your own

This workshop is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals and practices of Mindfulness, and will include:

  • first steps in focussing attention
  • exercises to tune into the sensations of the body
  • opportunities to develop present moment attention, stepping back to observe thoughts and emotions that may hijack you
  • movements to slow down and raise awareness of how you move
  • outline of general principles, benefits and short practices to bring into your everyday lives.

There will be some formalities to keep the session on track but the intention is to have a relaxed, friendly, informative and supportive environment in which we can discuss and raise questions.