Main Road,  Bosham,  Nr Chichester,  PO18 8PJ

Weekly classes to support your learnng of how to have mobility, flexibility and a mindful, calm mind to bring into your everyday activities

From 12.15 until 1.25pm

At Hamblin Hall

Main Road, Bosham, Nr Chichester, PO18 8PJ

One lesson £10.00 3 booked places £27.00 6 booked places £52.00

Rosemarie / : 07399 620833 : 01403 713108

After Lockdown and the easing of restrictions, we are back at Hamblin for those who prefer to be present "in person" rather than on-line.

Hamblin Hall is taking all precautions and an air purifier is being used in the Hall.  Ventilation is also important so it may be useful to consider layers of loose clothing to wear and ensure temperature control.  Face masks are also encouraged.   I am limiting numbers to 6 so we feel comfortable with social distancing.

You will also need to bring any equipment to lie on, including folded towels to support your head.  

Lesson on 7 September will be lying on the back and may include being on your side when you may need more support for the head.


These lessons are guided verbally for you to find your own way to explore and build patterns of movement slowly and with awareness, freeing up habits and opening up choices.

We bring a healthy curiosity to how we move and discover variations, always working within our comfort zone.

There is no need to push and strain.  These are smart body moves where we are engaging the brain, which is where changes are made:  this work challenges our minds and bodies in a mindful manner.  It helps to engage a playfulness and patience in the learning process.

We are learning the principles of well-organized movement to gain lifelong flexibility, comfort, ease and more creativity......throwing out the traditional model of aging, these movement lessons are suitable for senior citizens.

Moments of stillness and relaxation are an integral part of the class.


Please call to discuss further and it is essential to book a place.