Littleworth Lane,  Partridge Green   RH13 8JX

An opportunity to experience, discuss and question practices of Mindfulness

From 10.00am until 11.45am

At The Garden Room, South Lodge

Littleworth Lane, Partridge Green RH13 8JX


Rosemarie Morgan-Watson / 01403 713108 / 07399 620833

" The best way to capture moments is to pay attention.  This is how we cultivate mindfulness.  Mindfulness means being awake.  It means knowing what we are doing"   Jon Kabat Zinn


This session is for anyone who has little or no experience of Mindfulness.  Look out for future dates...which will be on different days

A quiet space for short guided meditation practices, in a supportive environment to explore what Mindfulness has to offer.  We hear so much about this "mindfulness" and it has become a sort of buzz word.  There are many differing definitions and here we are using the meaning from the one given by Jon Kabat-Zinn who pioneered the researched and well known Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  This has been adopted by The Education System and NHS in the UK.

What does it mean to you?

Are you inquisitive?  Want to know more?

Anyone is welcome to join the group.  Discover what this does have to offer and whether it has meaning for you.

Sharing and Asking any questions, this session will include discussion and a reading. 

Maybe you do have some experience but would like to explore further.   This can act as a taster for future events.

Finding time is one of the main issues people voice nowadays.  See how giving yourself moments out of a busy life, to be with others, to focus attention can be of benefit.  

Coming to the present moment, giving yourself permission to have this time, is a gift to yourself.   
Stillness, tuning in, no right, no wrong, no judgments.  It is, as it is.   You are, as you are.  Mindfulness includes all these things and more.