South Lodge,  Littleworth Lane,  Partridge Green  RH13 8JX

What does Mindfulness refer to? How does it help wellbeing and health? If you have unanswered questions, want to know more, and have a direct experience, come to this.

From 10.00 until 11.45

At The Garden Room

South Lodge, Littleworth Lane, Partridge Green RH13 8JX


Rosemarie Morgan-Watson / 01403 713108 07399 620833

This much used word is defined differently in different communities and due to the media coverage, there are myths and misunderstandings.

This workshop will address questions and offer some insights into exactly what practices and tools are included in Mindfulness.

Sharing and Asking any questions, this session will include discussion and readings to illustrate our approach, although no-one has to contribute if they prefer simply to listen. 

Mindfulness is really how we live our lives from moment to moment and this will provide not only short meditation practices but suggestions for being mindful, short exercises to begin to explore how we have choices: finding calm, honing attention, tuning into our own needs and bringing awareness to our distractions.

Finding time is one of the main issues people voice nowadays.  inquire into how giving yourself moments out of a busy life, to be with others, to focus attention, to come to the present moment, is a gift to yourself.    Stillness, tuning in, no right, no wrong, no judgments.  It is, as it is.   You are, as you are.


We can bring a healthy skepticism to determine whether this has meaning for us or not.  We live in a world of uncertainty, and this can be a way of living with not knowing, seeking and developing new supports for living a life of purpose and wellness.


Please call Rosemarie if you wish to ask any questions before signing up to come.