Basics of Mindfulness Based Practices

South Lodge,  Littleworth Lane,  Partridge Green  RH13 8JX

A Space for exploration for anyone with no, or little, experience of mindfulness, to discover what, if anything, these practices have to offer you

From 10.00 until 11.20

At The Garden Room, South Lodge

South Lodge, Littleworth Lane, Partridge Green RH13 8JX


Rosemarie Morgan-Watson / 01403 713108 /

The basics of Mindfulness will be introduced with a number of short meditation practices and practical ways to begin to bring a mindful attitude into our lives.

We will be bringing our attention to sensations, to our breath and to our body.  This gentle self-observation, tuning in to the present moment, is a basic skill. 

There will be opportunities to discuss, ask questions and query the relevance this has for you.

We are often not sure how we will respond to new, unfamiliar practices and mindfulness is not for everyone but until we have a direct experience, it is difficult to judge whether it may be a valuable skill for us to develop.

This offers a safe place to explore and have a taste of what is involved, with no pressure to continue.


Please wear comfortable clothing, layers are often helpful to accommodate for temperature and  you may wish to bring socks.