The Nine Passions

The Nine Passions  have the same lineage as the  theological  “Seven Deadly Sins”. 

From an Enneagram teaching, perspective,  it is not that two have been added to make the nine – but that there were originally nine (possibly  connected to  the Plotinus Enneads) and that two were taken out.

The Passions represent an underlying emotional reaction to the loss of Essential Nature.  It becomes a coping strategy for the ego-self.

Recognising the Passion help us restore the virtue.

NOTE: Traditional Enneagram  teachings will refer to the Sixes Passion as “Fear”. For Don Riso and Russ  Hudson, all egos are fear based. Thus in keeping with the Riso-Hudson ethos for clarity and distinction, deeper understanding resulted in the six Passion of Doubt.

There is similar distinction made for type One.  Traditionally, Ones passion is said to be “Anger”, again this is not a ‘Heart  Quality’ and something all types will experience.
What Ones do with it is what make it more of the Passion-which is to “repress” the anger and feel resentment for having to do so.

Reference: Chapter 2, Page31
Understanding the Enneagram by Riso-Hudson