Enneagram Personality Type Two – LAB Profile through the levels

Type Two

Healthy Twos at level 2 and 3

Motivation Traits; Proactive, Internal

Working Traits; Person, Feeling. Other

Although twos are not the only types have the Person trait, they are the most orientated type towards people.

The Other trait, ensures their attention will be highly focused on other people which is fired up by the Proactive trait, to drive the type twos at this level to be the ever attentive Helper, who are always “doing good for others”.

However, at level 2, an Internal trait drives their sense that they know what the other person needs, which may be true as they will be sensitive to others needs.

At level 2 however, there appears the conflict described as “a shift from unconditional selfless altruism, to an awareness of their feelings – feeling good about themselves will be in conflict with doing good for others”

This may be the first evidence of a Feeling Stress Response, one that is present throughout the average level.

Unlike the Thinking trait of average type ones, people with a Feeling trait, would not only be unable to completely hide their emotional response to difficulty, they would find it hard to come out of their feelings.

Given the Twos innate attention to helping people who are (according to them) particularly in need of care, it would not be a surprise that they would share in any grief and sorrow the other person is experiencing.

The only way the Feeling two might actually get themselves out of the emotional pain, might be to judge for themselves, from their Internal motivation, what good they have done. They would be the judge of how much good they are doing for the other person and would build positive feelings of “goodness” to replace those experienced from the other person. The feelings may have changed, but the ability to move out of them, determined by the Feeling stress response may have not.

Average Twos

Motivation Traits; Proactive, Internal,

Working Traits; Other, Person, Proximity, My/My – No/My

Inherent for a Twos need to care for people, would be a Working Style that requires People to be around.  Less of a team effort, more inclined towards the Proximity style, where a working Two has a distinct area of responsibility that they provide or teach to others.

Other evidence for this is the level 5 tendency to “not share friends”

At level 4 their need to for “some extra quality or talent to get close to others” energises their “gathering a circle of people around them who become dependant on them”

In a strange way, these other people need to be External to the average two, in order that they must “look to them (the two) for permission, advice, counsel, approval and love”.

In this context, the average Two would present themselves as an Internal source of advice etc.

However, there appears to be a shift, or oscillation to External from Internal at level 6 when  “the flatterer (two) insists on being flattered”.

This is probably a false shift as the Average, level 6 Two is “always disappointed because their expectations are high” This means they still maintain an Internal judgement of how they see themselves.

It could be said that they are “Closet Internals” people who pretend to be External and value your views but internally dismiss them out of hand.

Another way of thinking about this structure is that the Two is External with an Internal check.

The Rule Structure  for a two at this level there may be a tendency to neglect themselves. They “deny their own needs and cannot accept what others freely give them”.

This suggests the No/My rule structure No rules for me / My rules for you.A behaviour that when combined with Internal and Feelings, can help average Twos slip into the unhealthy range.

Unhealthy Twos

Shift; – from Other towards Self

This shift may well have begun earlier, but now takes on the Proactive form of demanding attention for themselves. Combined with the No/My rule structure and fuelled by a strong Internal judgement of what everyone owes them from past self-sacrifice, Their attention shifts from the need of Others to Self.

Someone with a Self pattern, would fail to pick up other peoples body language and signals of distress; something Twos are normally ace perceivers of.

Type Two at Healthy level 1

A mentioned earlier, any shift may be noticeable more by its previous absence.

We would notice a more Reactive element of a Two at this level, which provides for “an ability to disinterestedly contemplate others”.

The disinterested concern of Twos at this level suggests Freedom from both Internal and External judgement. Instead, “they objectively see the parts of themselves that are uncaring, selfish and angry and do not turn away from them”

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