Enneagram Personality Type Seven – LAB Profile Through The Levels


Healthy type Seven at level 2 and 3 Motivation Traits; Proactive, Options, Toward, Difference,

Working Traits; General

Healthy Sevens are Toward motivated types. At level 2, this takes the form of “anticipating the experience they are going to have” “being happy is the chief goal of their lives” At this level the feeling that “there will not be enough for them” is subtle, though enough for them to “seek out more stimulations”. The Options motivation is present but not overpowering at this level.

At level 3 A pattern emerges of General  and  Options when “ perfection does not matter to them as much as enjoying what they are doing”. They become “good at many things” and “cross-fertilising their many interest”. A Difference / Toward pattern keeps them “moving forward into fresh new areas” with a Proactive element of “go for it” attitude; “not afraid to take risks and try something new”.

Average Sevens Motivation Traits; Proactive, Internal, Toward, Options, Difference,

Working Traits; General, Self, Person, Proximity, My/-

At level 4, the Options motivation deepens as they “begin to fear that if they only focus on one or two things, they will miss out on the others”. as “their eyes get bigger than their stomachs” a Proactive, Toward, Difference pattern fuels the drive to “have enough money to support their search for the good life” and “acquire new and different pleasurable experiences”. Wealth is a “means to get what they want”.

Average Sevens enjoy working with people as sort of consultants and coaches; the Proximity working style they enjoy “coming up with new ideas and getting people excited”  but also “compete with others for a larger share of the goodies”

At level 5, average Sevens “need to be the centre of attention” They can be “outspoken and irreverent”, the sort of person who is seen  “laughing, joking , wisecracking and gossiping”.

At this stage there is a shift into Self, as “they do not reciprocate and give others equal time”
The Options trait “changing the topic of conversation as new things pop into their minds”

As Seven drop to level 6,  the mixture of Internal and My/- emerges  with the attitude “I have mine, so what do I care about anyone else?”.

The  mix of Proactive, Toward, Self plus Sameness with Exception and Difference,  energises the   “I want more and I want it now!” demands as they become greedy and pushy.“ begin to think of themselves as perfectionists, wanting things to be perfect” this is a false Procedure / Specific signal as it’s really driven by the Proactive, Self, Internal, My/- pattern; the “selfish and self-centred” need for it to be “perfect for themselves” and are “completely insensitive about anyone else’s needs”

Unhealthy Sevens Motivation Traits; Proactive, Internal, Options, Working Traits; Self, My/-

For unhealthy Sevens, it is literally more of whatever has been driving them down.

At level 7 they become “like spoiled children”. As the Internal, Self, My/-, Proactive traits deepen, so they “permit themselves absolutely anything” and “fly into rages and temper tantrums if they do not get their way”  and “lash out at people, impulsively saying whatever comes to mind”.

At Level 8 “hey hurtle into wild activity” with moods rapidly shifting.  With an Internal need and Proactive escapism, they may “compulsively throw themselves into all kinds of activities, such as compulsive sex, gambling, shopping, drugs” or some other addiction.

Level 9; As “manic sevens have reached a point where they have consumed everything in the environment”. “They become hysterically afraid, as if being pursued by a raging beast” .

Note; I am unsure that there any shifts except a possibility of a shift to Away-from as they “suddenly become consumed by anxiety”

Healthy Sevens at Level 1

As with level 9, I am not sure there are any noticeable LAB drivers. This is could be the equilibrium of all patterns that I suggested earlier.

It could also be that I do not have the evidence I need as yet.

However, at level 1 healthy Seven “stay present to their experiences moment by moment”.  “each moment of their lives becomes a source of nourishment and profound joy”.

These could be considered a healthy acceptance to the Options  and Difference that manifest in reality, as well as the Sameness  and Procedures  of every day living experiences.

LAB, and the metaprogrammes they represent, are only filters on reality, not reality itself.

For healthy Sevens (and all other types) dropping the filter and accepting “what is”, ultimately brings the peace, happiness or whatever else each type desires

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