Enneagram Personality Type Eight – LAB Profile Through The Levels

Healthy Eights at level 2 and 3
Motivation Traits; Proactive, Internal, Toward, Procedure,
Working Traits; Proximity, Person, My/My, Choice

Eights are probably the most Proactive type, and have a strong Toward motivation. “when they are healthy, toward outstanding leadership, when they are average, toward a quest for control and when they are unhealthy, toward ruthlessness and destructiveness”
At level 2 they have a “desire to protect themselves”. There is an Internal, Proactive drive to “make their own way in life” an “inner solidity”; they are “assertive and strong” – “egoist in that they have a clear sense of themselves”
Although there is an Independent element, in that they “do not want to merge with anyone else or belong to groups. However, in order to lead others hey would need to work in Proximity of others. “Will and self assertion are the theme of healthy Eights” which suggests a My/My rule structure.

At level 3 the My/My, Proactive, Toward pattern helps them to be “constructive, authoritative leaders – rising to new challenges”.
They have strong feelings towards people (or against people) and “feel personally affected “ by injustice” acting quickly to rectify the injustice. Fairness, another Eight motivation, is about an equal share or treatment which is another way of sorting for Sameness.
There is an Internal intuitive orientation towards Person as ”they know how to put the right amount of pressure on people to motivate them”.

Average Eights.
Motivation Traits; Proactive, Toward, Internal
Working Traits; Shifts; Person to Thing
Proximity to Independent
My/My to No/My

At level 4, although average Eights may ”still be leaders of some kind” there is a shift towards Independent as the “want to be self-sufficient and independent – a desire not to depend on anyone else” . They “particularly enjoy high-risk “pursuits.
There is a shift in the Person trait tow seeing people more as Things; “ a boss who must hire others to do what he or she wants”. “Having the devotion to others no longer enters the picture” The RHETI questions 60 “Organizing resources and making things happen has been one of my major strengths” and 69 “I have not spent much time looking inward-getting things done has been important to me” both indicate a Thing orientation.
One possible case for a false External could be made from the complaints “I’m busting my hump to bring home the bacon, doesn’t anyone appreciate that around here”.
This is probably a rhetorical way of dumping some guilt on others. A way to exert control more that a plea for sympathy and some praise. My guess is that average Eights wouldn’t be very motivated by what others thought about them.

At level 5 they “become aggressive, confronting and taking over territory”. A mix of unhealthy Internal, Proactive, Independent and My/My, makes it difficult for Eights at this level “to respect or trust others”. They create master-slave relationships; in a sense this could be considered a shift to a No/My rule structure in that the rules applied to the other are not imposed on themselves. Something more obvious at level 6 where they “feel challenged and must pressure others to fall in line with their agenda” the “shut up and do as I say” People are Things to be ordered around because at this level “they are marching into battle but the troops are not behind them”

Note; Rule Structures Procedure vs. Options for average Eights. Rules implies a Procedure trait. Eights impose their rules on others not to themselves, which implies Options.
I think what this is real drive behind this is the Difference between an External + No/my, as seen in unhealthy Six (not knowing what to do for themselves, but passing down external rules to others) – and the pattern on Internal + No/My ( Passing down my internal rules to theirs, whilst having no rules fro themselves)

Unhealthy Eights

Driven by Internal, Proactive, Thing and Independent ( although there will be a false Proximity trait from people being either with me or against me)- unhealthy Eights “become outlaws” applying the rule of the jungle; Proactive “striking first and thinking about the consequences later” Thing; “putting out a contract on someone is just business” “family violence is probable once Eights have reached this level”
The Internal + No/My pattern drives them to “take revenge on others for any disobedience or disloyalty shown them in past” whilst they themselves “have no compunction about lying, cheating, stealing, reneging on promises or breaking contracts – if doing so gets them what they want”
At level 8, as they become more Independent and Internal they develop “delusions of invincibility” and “start to believe they cannot be harmed. They begin “terrorizing people and forms of torture such as burning with cigarettes or pouring boiling water on others” To unhealthy Eights they are cut off from their hearts, people are just Things they need to devour “stealing their resources to maintain their overextended empire”. There are No rules for them and act “ss if to tempt fate and defy the laws of man and nature”
At level 9, the Proactive, “neurotic, delusional Eight” “attempt to destroy before they are destroyed.
The deepening unhealthy aspects of their Internal + No/My + Proactive + Independent + Thing helps maintain that “their own personal survival is the only thing that matters to them”
They live by the code of “kill or be killed”
Their egocentricity allows them to see only themselves in the world”.

Healthy Eights at level 1

At level 1, healthy Eights “surrender their own wilfulness to serve something greater than themselves”. This shift away from Internal should not be seen as becoming External to others, but External to a greater good. Which may still be an Internal judgement of what that greater good is. They no longer are driven by the need for independence as “they may well risk their lives and everything they have worked for to contribute to a greater good that may transcend their individual lifetime”
They may be the catalyst for others to work Co-operatively; “creating a social order in which people can work together in harmony”, but they remain healthy Proximity types, whom “others regard them as heroes, benefactors and protectors”.
Healthy Eights have “the potential for making the greatest contributions to the greatest number of people”. “Their strength, courage and largeness of heart bringing hope to the hopeless”. A shift, from the unhealthy levels of Thing to Person.

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