Centre of Gravity; Enneagram Levels Enquiry Idea

Over the course of a day we will oscillate around a Centre of Gravity within the vertical dimension of our Enneagram Personality Type

Our experiences of being stressed out are generally alleviated after a time of relaxation or diversion – allowing our sense of self to return to its normal level.


Rising above this norm can also be a little disorientating when first encountered. We may begin experiencing ourselves being more open, with an ease that can handle whatever arises.
In other words, there will a certain self-image that we hold to be more or less true. If not seen by others, our attempts to validate this self-image through attitudes and behaviours is the Reactivity that lead us down the levels.


The movement through the levels is a barometer of how we are attached to vs. free from , a fixed self-image. In the Wisdom of The Enneagram Workshop we explore Wake Up Calls for each type that help to Catch Ourselves In the Act of habitual reactivity; a self observation practice that can set us on the path to liberation and Presence. (further reading: Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso-Hudson pg.36 and pg 434) Relevant Workshop: Wisdom of The Enneagram Workshop. An Enneagram Institute Authorised Workshop where we explore the Wake Up Calls for each type, and the higher Qualities of each type.

Enquiry Idea: Centre of Gravity

Most of us have some impressions and stories to tell about those times when we feel ‘stressed’, thus less healthy. But what is it like when you feel the opposite of that?
Recall and Enquire into those times when you feel more enlightened, less stressed, lighter, more open and less confrontational.

What is your version of that?
What are the conditions that support this for you?
What is your direct experience; sensations, emotions, ideas, around being more enlightened, lighter and more open?

Remember to bring a non judgmental compassion to your observations.

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