EnneaFusion Workshop: Growth Paths

EnneaFusion Workshop – Growth Paths

A unique workshop to explore and compare the Riso-Hudson and Palmer-Daniels Growth Paths, including the ‘Levels of Development’ and Narrative Tradition approach.“What now?  Where do I go from here?  How do I begin to experience more freedom within the territory of my personality structure?”Whatever sparked our original interest, these are questions we return to time and again as seasoned students of the Enneagram.  Both the Narrative Tradition and Riso-Hudson Enneagram schools engage with the challenge and offer a Growth Model, ways to become less identified with personality, passion/fixation and to enjoy a richer and more fulfilling life.Approach: Teaching input on key features of the two Growth Models.  Dialogue, debate and shared inquiry will play a key part.  The day is also about sharing experiences and living the growth paths through sensing, meditation and music (time allowing).Download EnneaFusion FlyerIntended Outcomes are to get a richer sense of:

  • What we/the two models have in common
  • Points of intriguing difference and where we might further explore these
  • Fresh energy and insight to inspire each of us on our journey.

In one day we can only make a start, but we hope there may be an appetite for future workshops to continue this exploration.Jointly facilitated: by Grahame Morgan-Watson, a leading UK player in the Riso-Hudson School with Heather Brown and Helen English from within the Narrative Tradition.Is it for me?  This workshop is for those who’ve studied the Enneagram, and for Enneagram practitioners/professionals, rather than for newcomers. Please contact us if you’re unsure
EnneaFusion Workshop Series: see our Meetup ‘Pages‘ for more information on  these workshops, offered by the Enneagram Alive community.


EnneaFusion Workshops

Inspired by a major shift in Enneagram teaching around the world, the EnneaFusion Workshop Series is about blending and extending Enneagram opportunities here in the UK and Ireland.In a recent ground breaking development, influential leaders of the Enneagram in Personality movement signalled a new start. Founders of the Riso:Hudson and Narrative Tradition Schools came together, sharing conference platforms and workshops. Right now, they are leading a global web-based Enneagram teaching programme, jointly designed and taught. A long-awaited and very welcome shift!EnneaFusion Workshops take their lead. On the first occasion with ‘Growth Pathways’ we’re offering what is – to the best of our knowledge – the UK’s first workshop specifically designed to help us discover and appreciate the best of what both schools have to offer. A fusion of learning from the Riso:Hudson and Narrative Tradition Enneagram Schools. We’re sure there will be more to follow on this theme.Future EnneaFusion Workshops will also fuse the Enneagram with different ways of working (modalities). For example, on different occasions the Enneagram and Mindfulness, the Enneagram and Energy Work, the Enneagram and Shiatsu; Systemic Constellations, Feldenkreis, Circle Practice, Sacred Space, Tai Chi and so on.The EnneaFusion Workshop Series aligns with the Enneagram Alive mission to create a strong community of interest and dialogue, exploration and learning, centred on the Enneagram as a powerful resource for life and for positive change. Also, to create spaces where enthusiasm for the Enneagram can flourish. It reflects global trends and will help create a more dynamic range of local learning opportunities. EnneaFusion workshops will also help grow the Enneagram community: across the two leading schools and by bringing in people already committed to different but complementary practices for personal growth.EnneaFusion workshops are offered under the Enneagram Alive umbrella by facilitators within the network, drawing on existing skills and as required, additional professional experts.