Booking and Cancelation Policy

Booking Policy Effective for events from 1st March 2016

  1. The term “full amount” refers to the total cost for attending the workshop by an individual participant, based on early bird or promotion code discounts.
  2. Early Bird and Promotion Code Discounts are only applicable when registration is accompanied with full payment within the specified times below.
  3. MetaMe reserve the right to charge the full price if NO deposit payment has been received before the Early Bird period has expired.
  4. A 20% Deposit (of the total dues for all participants) is required to secure your booking (unless otherwise stated in the booking from)
  5. A booking is only secure with full payment received two weeks prior to the workshop.
  6. A paid for booking takes precedence over an unsecured booking where numbers are limited. The unsecured booking will be moved to a waiting list.
  7. Cancelations.
    1. Cancelations made within six weeks but before four weeks are eligible for a 50% refund of the full amount due for attending the event (appropriate to the amount already paid).
    2. Cancelations made within four weeks but before two weeks are eligible for 25% refund of the full amount due for attending the event (appropriate to the amount already paid).
    3. Cancelations made for any reason within two weeks of the event are NOT eligible for a refund.
  8. MetaMe reserve the rights to change the prices of any of their workshops, and any reductions will be passed on to existing participants.
  9. MetaMe will refund the full amount of a workshop booking that has been paid in the event of MetaMe needing to cancel the event.
  10. MetaMe are not liable for any additional costs like travel or accommodation, incurred by the participants as a result of booking a workshop.

updated 1st November 2019