Balancing the Centres; an Enneagram Enquiry Idea

Working with the Enneagram is a way of addressing aspects of ourselves that we have neglected, rejected or are unaware of.Modern science identifies three basic components of the Brain;

The root or Instinctual brain, being primarily concerned with movement, the limbic system with Emotions and the cerebral cortex as the primary Thinking centre.

Simply, we can call these the Head (thinking) Heart (feeling) and Gut (doing). (further reading: Understanding The Enneagram by Riso-Hudson pg.247)

The Triadic Self Centres

The 8,9 & 1 in the Instinctive Triad   Concerned with: Resistance & Control of the Environment.

Have issues with Aggression and Repression. Seeks Autonomy – based on physical tensions.

Underlying feeling: RAGE

The 2,3 & 4 in the Heart Triad  Concerned with Love of False Self & Self-Image.

Have issues with Identity & Hostility. Seeks Attention. Underlying Feeling: SHAME.

The 5,6 & 7 in the Thinking Triad Concerned with Strategies & Beliefs.

Have issues with  Insecurity & Anxiety. Seeks Security.

Underlying Feeling: FEAR

The nine Enneagram types are equally distributed between the three Centres.

Each type represents a unique way the centres becomes distorted, and out of balance .
(further reading: Wisdom of The Enneagram by Riso-Hudson pg.49) Relevant Workshop: Wisdom of The Enneagram Workshop.

An Enneagram Institute Authorised Workshop where we make deep connections with each centre as a direct experience.

Enquiry Idea: Centres

Each Centre of Intelligence has it’s own quality (as briefly described above)

The Enneagram reveals the way each type distorts the quality by either forcing, controlling or dampening the quality.

Take what each ‘seeks’ and enquire into your version of each quality.

(see Enquiry Instructions and Deepening your Enquiry)

How do you directly experience Autonomy?

How do you look for Security?

How do you seek Attention?

Remember, be gentle with yourself and others, bringing a non judgmental compassion to what you discover.

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