Mindfulness Practices

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Rosemarie Morgan-Watson Mindfulness Teacher NLP Master Paractitioner Language And Behaviour Profile Consultant



  • understand your way of thinking and feeling with more clarity?
  • feel more able to respond to everyday life with all its ups and downs?
  • worry less and enjoy today more?
  • experience an inner stillness and calm?

There have been many mind-body practices over the centuries using mindfulness and forms of meditation. Over recent years, the research is explaining the benefits of these practices and they are gaining recognition.

In essence, mindfulness is training our attention.

We are noticing what arises from moment to moment, in our sensations, our thoughts, our emotions.

There is a true simplicity about this practice....and yet if you have tried it, you may have also discovered the tricks of the mind. The mind gets distracted. We have lots of judgements.  Sometimes we hear that critical voice. So we are also learning to stay open, curious and non-judgmental.


The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 week course follows a well researched, structured programme. It contains formal and informal practices.

Jon Kabat-Zinn developed this programme in the USA at the University of Massachusetts Centre. He has played a central role in establishing credibility for this approach which began in 1979 and has been researched widely.

There are ways to break the stress loop and opportunities to explore how you personally can benefit from mindfulness.

You have fellow travellers to share experiences with.  At times, we all find the sharing and support of a group helps us to gain insights and remain committed. It is also more fun than trying to sort things out on your own.

The explosion in media coverage of mindfulness creates problems in itself.  Sometimes there are too many expectations.

Mindfulness is not for everyone so if you are questioning its value for you, attend an introduction evening.
Foundation Practices gives you a flavour of what is on offer and whether it is for you.

Mindfulness is also inherent in the movement classes. These are often a great way to get started as the focus on the movement leaves little room for that busy mind.

Rosemarie has completed a number of mindfulness teacher training retreats with Bangor University, as well as attending workshops with other organisations.  She has many years experience in personal growth work and mindfulness practices, and attends regular retreats as a student of The Ridhwan School.

She has a Diploma in Psychological Counselling, and used these skills in her role as a Speech and Language Therapist working within a Head and Neck Cancer team.

She subscribes to the guidelines for good practice established by the UK Network of Mindfulness Based Teacher Trainers and receives supervision.