Mindfulness in Motion / Feldenkrais Class: Oiling the hips

im mindfulness in motion
South Lodge,  Littleworth Lane,  Partridge Green, Horsham  RH13 8JX

Freeing up the hip joints, and finding the power of the pelvis

From 10.00am until 11.00am

Cost Book 4 lessons : £32.00 single class : £9.00

Location The Garden Room, West Sussex UK

South Lodge, Littleworth Lane, Partridge Green, Horsham RH13 8JX

Rosemarie Morgan-Watson / rosemarie@metame.co.uk 01403 713 108

This class will have its focus on the hips and pelvis, but every lesson aims to include and integrate the whole self.

In our modern world, sitting has taken over.  This results in stiffness and reduced activity in the hip joint.  Many use their hip joint like a hinge, thus over stressing the joint and affecting the cartilage. 

Since movement really is at the foundation of everything we do, we will be finding ways to understand, discover and mobilise the hips, pelvis and spine.

This will be in lying, sitting and standing.

Mindfulness is also a component of building a frame of reference and inner knowledge, so that these understandings become integrated into everyday living. Our whole system becomes more connected, reducing the effort of movements and taking the strain out of the hips.

There are 5 places available.

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