Mindfulness in Motion/Feldenkrais Class

im mindfulness in motion feldenkrais classes

This weekly class improves mobility and flexibility through a mindful exploration of small movements, making connections and gradually involving the whole.

From 9.45am until 10.45am

Cost Book 4 = £32 : single class : £9.00

Location South Lodge Garden Room

South Lodge, Littleworth Lane, Partridge Green, Horsham RH13 8JX

Rosemarie Morgan-Watson / rosemarie@metame.co.uk 01403 713 108

How is it that so many of us become tired so quickly through using too much effort in carrying out everyday tasks.

There are usually a multitude of reasons for each of us to adopt certain habits of holding.

These lessons use mindful movements to increase our awareness and give us tools to unwind habitual patterns and find different options.

The emphasis may start with particular parts of ourselves, but we often need to move our whole self with a harmonised power and learn to let go of struggle and working hard.

In these classes you are invited to explore how you move, through a variety of novel actions. Spaces to breathe and rest are important too, to allow important information to be integrated by the nervous system. In this way, our whole self learns to honour and respect the messages our physical sensations send to the brain.

We all have an ability to connect to a true strength and organisation.  You are invited to go at your own pace and work within your comfort zone. 

You have to try it to know what I mean!

There are 2 places available.

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