Foundations for Mindful Living


South Lodge, Littelworth Lane, Partridge Green, West Sussex RH13 8JX

Exploring the principles of mindfulness and laying the ground for weaving it into your life

From 6.00pm until 7.15pm

At The Garden Room,

South Lodge, Littelworth Lane, Partridge Green, West Sussex RH13 8JX


Rosemarie Morgan-Watson / Phone 01403 713108

You may have heard a lot about mindfulness in the media, especially in regard to mental health and there are well-established 8 week courses which will also be on offer in 2019.

However, If you have doubts about the usefulness of Mindfulness for you...or you simply can't commit to an 8 week course...... this provides an alternative to learning about the principles of Mindfulness, experiencing meditation practices and exploring how you might adopt simple mindful habits into daily living.

Groups are small and each class is structured using a theme, with some flexibility to change according to the needs in the moment. There is time for discussion and reflection but any sharing is invitational. 

This is also suitable if you have already attended an 8 week course and simply want an opportunity to practice with the support of a group. 

Sources of material come from a range of different teachers and my own experiences and learnings from different schools., including my teaching from the 8 week course. 

Meditation practices are varied and the movement meditation is based on the Feldenkrais approach or Qigong.

Further dates will be arranged throughout the year so you can continue if you want to.