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  • Getting it right

    What stops me from doing tasks or from completing them?  That’s the question I keep asking myself.  The answer does vary but so often it is this need for me to get it right.  And it is a message I have heard from many others on various courses.  Logically I know that we have to

  • New Beginnings

    Having moved again this year, I am planning new classes in a new area. This always provides an opportunity to review, update and bring a fresh approach.  but the work in both Feldenkrais and Mindfulness is always inviting us to bring beginners’ mind to our lives. Somehow it is easier to bring  wonder and enthusiasm

  • Understanding Relationships using the Enneagram

    There is a temptation when looking to the Enneagram personality types to assume there must be an ideal Enneagram type for each of us. In my experience and from the studies made thus far, there is no real evidence for such an idea . Yes, it is true that one might encounter frequent pairings. Using the Enneagram as a

  • EnneaFusion Workshop: Growth Paths

    EnneaFusion Workshop – Growth Paths A unique workshop to explore and compare the Riso-Hudson and Palmer-Daniels Growth Paths, including the ‘Levels of Development’ and Narrative Tradition approach.“What now?  Where do I go from here?  How do I begin to experience more freedom within the territory of my personality structure?”Whatever sparked our original interest, these are questions

  • Mistakes, the Inner Critic and a Wise Resolution

    Why do we make mistakes? Or to be more specific, how come I made a couple of whopping mistakes in the editorial of MetaMe’s recent email newsletter? Over the years, I have sent emails out with poor spelling, incorrect dates, and as in this case, the wrong amount of discount that can be attained, along with

  • Reflecting on Inspiring changes

    This summer has been so warm, encouraging me outside and making it difficult to sit and write on a computer. Now the weather has changed and I am drawn back.  The environment has a constant effect on us and on my walks in the sun, I have been reflecting on the work of Jeff Haller and his discussion

  • Improving Communication and Influencing Skills Webinar

    I had the great pleasure last week of being invited by the Womens Initaive at Nasdaq OMX to offer some insights and tips for Communication skill development around Negotiations and Influencing Language patterns. The Webinar was transmitetd to the Nasdaq offices around the world, with some 260 people watching and asking questions.I was honoured to

  • More Inspiring Changes

    Moshe Feldenkrais was inspirational and realised the potency of paying attention in a particular manner to the nervous sytem: sadly his ideas were too advanced for his time.  It is since his death that neuroscience research has validated his beliefs of neuroplasticity. As a young therapist I remember well the resistance of some  Neurologists to focused communication

  • Moved to listen and speak

    My work in The Feldenkrais Method® has seemed to some, a deviation from my roots as a speech and language therapist. The more obvious alliance is with physiotherapy and yet these boundaries have been created by a focus of attention on one aspect of our being. I continue to be drawn to communication but have

  • How much of a pain is it to you?

    I recently slipped in a muddy field which would have been no more than an embarrassment, had my hand not slid into a hole. It was instantly obvious that I had damaged my tissues by the pain which throbbed continuously although there was initially nothing to see of any injury. As Moshe Feldenkrais lucky